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Stephen French
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Stuart - 2 questions:

1) In the entry field for the ACA Silver Plan cost in Health Care Expenses, is the input amount for 1 person or Couple if "Married" is chosen on the Home tab? I looked in Manual, but did not see the answer to this question.

2) As it relates to the option of having PRC estimate Medicare Part B premiums - I am assuming in Period 4 my input amounts will be for coverage beyond Part B for the Medicare recipient and whatever costs for coverage for the non-Medicare recipient. In Period 5, I am assuming the input amounts will be for coverage beyond part B for both individuals (in the case of modeling a Married couple) - please confirm if my assumptions are correct and if not, please advise on the right way to model these 2 periods. Looking to confirm what I think how the Manual explained it.

Thank you,

Steve French

Stuart Matthews
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1) The input is for the married couple if you've specified you are married on the Home page.

2) Your assumptions are correct.