The Pralana Gold calculator is a robust personal financial model that contains hundreds of fully-integrated calculators and deals with every phase of your life. Its capabilities are truly unprecedented! Here are just some of its features that you probably won’t find elsewhere.

>> Separate modeling of husband and wife financials

>> Consistent modeling across accumulation and distribution phases

>> Implementation of RMD’s and QCD’s per the SECURE Act 2.0

>> Detailed Federal, state and FICA tax calculations ( with 2023 tax and RMD tables)

>> Automated calculation of Medicare Part B/D premiums, with IRMAA

>> User-specified withdrawal priorities, with correct taxation of withdrawals and the ability to change the priorities over time

>> Derivation of rates of return based on your designated asset classes and asset allocations, with the ability to change the allocation over time;  Asset allocation can be done at an overall level or at the account level

>> High-fidelity income and expense modeling, supplemented with multiple spending strategies

>> Modeling of home ownership, including mortgages, HELOCs and reverse mortgages

>> Modeling of Rental real estate, including tax benefits and cash-out refinancing

>> Modeling of college education expenses, including student loans and 529 plans

>> Modeling of ACA health insurance and automatic calculation of Medicare Part B premiums, including IRMAA; modeling of ACA subsidies per the Inflation Reduction Act

>> Modeling of Health Savings Accounts

>> Simplified inputs page to make the tool more accessible for first-time users

>> Term and cash value life insurance recommendations and modeling

>> Survivor scenarios

>> Detailed modeling of Roth conversions, with year-by-year limits with respect to either marginal tax brackets, LTCG brackets, IRMAA brackets or multiples of Federal Poverty Levels to maintain ACA subsidies

>> Integration and analysis using fixed rate, Monte Carlo and historical methods and a variety of spending strategies; success rate calculations for both overall and essential spending

>> Consumption smoothing and overall margin calculation

>> Optimization of Social Security start ages in the context of your overall plan to maximize your lifetime savings

>> Calculation of your earliest achievable retirement date with 90% confidence level

>> Analysis of your particular scenario against any historic sequence of returns

>> Highly flexible tabular outputs and supplementary PDF reports

>> New for 2023: A detailed report showing income, expenses, cash flow, and the annual puts and takes from each account for the next five

Here’s an informal video walkthrough of Pralana Gold:

high-fidelity modeling of accounts & portfolios

Account-level rates of return are derived from user-specified asset classes and asset allocations

High-fidelity modeling of income & expenses

Deals with the nuances of numerous types of income and expense streams and performs detailed Federal and State income tax and FICA tax calculations.

user flexibility in definition of tabular outputs

You can design up to 8 unique views into Gold’s rich collection of output data and arrange the data in each view in the order of your choice and with customized headers.

Analysis & optimization

A range of likely outcomes is calculated by fixed-rate, Monte Carlo and historical analysis methods. These results are enhanced with optimized Roth conversions, optimized withdrawal order, Social Security start age and retirement start age calculations.