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Discretionary expenses?

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What happened to the Discretionary expenses link on the Expenses page? It's in the documentation, but in the latest version of Gold, it's gone from the screen. My Expenses page shows Property, Rental Property, Children, Healthcare, Term Life Ins, Cash Value Life Ins, Charity, Phased, and Miscellaneous. The documentation had Discretionary listed after Healthcare.

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The problem was it was a bad name, because you had to put non-discretionary stuff like food and clothing in there. It's now called Phased, and much improved because you can indicate for each one which are discretionary (non-essential) or non-discretionary (essential). That gives you a better handle on your potential success rate as well, because now it's shown as a success probability for essential costs vs the optional stuff. You can also break it down into three phases of live - typically currently working, early retirement (go-go years) and late retirement (no-go years).