Pralana/Bronze is specially made for the person who desires to go beyond a quick-and-dirty financial analysis but prefers a simple, easy-to-use design.  It has only four pages with web-like page navigation.  Click on the links below to see screenshots of each page.

  • Demographics and assumptions about inflation, taxes, rates of return and withdrawal priority on the same page with a graphical projection of  fixed rate and Monte Carlo analysis results
  • High-fidelity income stream definition (but without the stream-specific formatting of Pralana Gold)
  • High-fidelity expense profile definition (but without the stream-specific formatting of Pralana Gold)
  • Tabular projection output of income, expenses, taxes and all categories of savings

Pralana Bronze does an exceedingly good job of handling the basic things a high-fidelity retirement calculator should do, but it now supplements fixed rate analysis with Monte Carlo analysis to simulate market volatility to provide you with a range of potential outcomesWith the graphical outputs on the same page with all of your basic assumptions, you can make what-if changes and immediately see the effects on long-term projections.

Pralana/Bronze runs on Windows machines and Macs.



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