Welcome to the site of the Pralana Retirement Calculator (PRC)!  PRC is a family of tools developed single-handedly by a retired electrical engineer, Stuart Matthews.  They are downloadable Excel files that run on Windows machines with Excel 2007 or newer and on Macs with Excel 2011 or newer.  All of these tools are high-fidelity retirement calculators.  PRC Bronze is free.  PRC Gold is our flagship calculator and is arguably the most advanced tool available at any price for personal financial modeling, and it sells for just $99.  Both of these tools come with detailed and well-written user manuals (available for free download on the Manuals page) and same-day support by the developer via e-mail.  The current version of PRC Bronze was developed in late 2017.  PRC Gold is enhanced on an annual basis with significant improvements, and maintenance releases are made as needed throughout the year.  Once you have made a full-price purchase of PRC Gold, annual updates are available at a small fraction of the full-price purchase and all maintenance updates are free.  The tool contains automated features for moving your data from one version to the next, so re-entry of your data is never required.

The Pralana website contains a number of pages which you can access via the buttons along the top of the page. The Pralana Gold page provides a detailed overview of the Gold tool along with a number of screenshots.  The Pralana Bronze page does the same thing for that tool.  The Get PRC page is where you go to download PRC Bronze and to purchase and download PRC Gold.  The Login page is where Pralana Gold users to login to get free updates and perform upgrades from one version year to the next.  The About page provides a little more background on the PRC developer.


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