The Nature of the Pralana Retirement Calculator

PRC is a file that operates on Microsoft’s Excel and can be run with all Excel menus hidden.  While it’s running, you will hardly be aware that you’re using Excel.  PRC is highly dependent upon macros but PRC macros are digitally signed* by Pralana Consulting LLC to eliminate any security-related concerns you may have.  The PRC file self-registers itself to the computer it is downloaded to and cannot be moved or copied to another computer thereafter without the specific assistance of Pralana Consulting LLC.

System requirements:

Option 1:  A Windows platform running Excel 2007 or later (Excel 2007 and 2010 users, please see the note at the bottom of this page)

Option 2: A Mac system running at least O/S 10.5 and Excel 2011 for Macs (Excel 2016 for Macs users please see note at the bottom of this page)

Option 3: A Mac system configured with the Parallels Desktop (or an equivalent program for supporting Windows applications), Windows and Windows Excel 2007 or later.

PRC2019/Gold still sells for $99.  This entitles you to support via e-mail and all PRC2019/Gold updates.  You can view the PRC/Gold Change Log to see the changes made since PRC2018.  PRC2018/Gold license holders can upgrade for $49 after logging in via the User Support page. Anyone who makes a full-price purchase of PRC2019 on or after September 20, 2019 is entitled to a free upgrade to PRC2020.

Consulting is available at an additional charge.  A quick review of your completed PRC2019 file is $99 and consulting support to determine the best way to model your personal scenario(s) can be arranged on a per-hour basis.  Contact us via e-mail to make arrangements.

Pralana/Bronze is FREE and can be moved from one computer to another. 

Please visit the User Support page for a detailed description of PRC support processes, including access to the user manuals, getting updates and performing license renewals.

Checkout is quick and secure and Pralana Consulting LLC never has access to your private information.  You’ll be able to use PayPal or your credit card.  Just click the BUY NOW button below to initiate processing, and you’ll be downloading PRC to your computer within a couple of minutes!  Your name and e-mail information will never be shared with any other entity.  If for whatever reason you aren’t comfortable with this payment process, alternate arrangements can be made.  Just send us an e-mail and we’ll be happy to work with you.  Additionally, you will be invited to receive the PRC Newsletter  which is sent occasionally to provide you with information on product updates and tips on getting the most out of your calculator.  Even if you do elect to sign up, you can always unsubscribe at any time.

We recommend use of the Miscrosoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers for downloading Pralana files; Internet Explorer users should refer to the note at the bottom of this page.

Please note:

Special pricing is available for church groups, schools and companies desiring to make PRC available to large groups of people.  Please contact us for more information.


PRC2019/Gold $99

* Note for Excel 2010 Users: Your Excel configuration needs to include Microsoft Service Pack 2 (SP2). Without this, Excel may tell you that the PRC file is corrupted.

* Note 1 for Excel 2007 Users: Your Excel configuration needs to include Microsoft Service Pack 3 (SP3).  Without this, Excel may tell you that the PRC file is corrupted.

* Note 2 for Excel 2007 Users: The digital signature is not recognized by Excel 2007 and will be reported as an invalid signature.  This is due to the fact that Excel 2007 has not been maintained by Microsoft since 2012 and is no longer compatible with the newer security software technology used to produce the Pralana Consulting LLC digital signature.  The workaround is to create a new folder on your Windows system into which you place the PRC file.  Then, via Excel’s Trust Center, you specify this folder as a Trusted Location.

* Note for Mac users: Pralana Consulting’s prior warning on use of Excel 2016 has been lifted.  We recently tested with version (16.16) and most of the prior problems have finally been resolved by Microsoft. For reference, here was our prior warning: ”Excel 2016 version 16.9 exhibits very negative behavior when running any version of PRC, including Bronze.  This behavior includes excessive time to execute any and all operations, portions of displays temporarily disappearing during certain operations, line and area graphs temporarily appearing as bar graphs upon entering a page containing such a graph, and a seemingly infinite loop after clicking a button on the Sensitivities page.  We’ve reverted back to version 15.30 and are running with no significant issues.”

* Note for Internet Explorer 11 users on Windows 10 machines: PRC downloads may fail to work with this configuration.  The workaround is as follows: On the IE11 page, go to Tools (the cog in the upper right corner), then Safety, then “Turn Off Windows Defender SmartScreen”. You can then turn this back to the “On” state when the download is completed.

PRC2019/Bronze - FREE



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