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Add Discretionary Expenses to PDF Output Report

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I'd like to see a detailed list of discretionary expenses on the output report, or at least an OPTION to have them shown...others may want the details of other Expenses sub-categories but for me it is only Discretionary that is important

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+1. It would be great to see a 'budget' report that shows the list of annual budget amounts for all of the itemized discretionary, non-discretionary, miscellaneous, etc categories. It would act as a nice guide for annual spending. I've done it for clients by using the user-sheet advanced feature, but it takes some work.

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I would also like this.

Taking a step back, the current outputs are great for a nerdy/quanty user .. but don't appeal as much to the non-nerdy spouse (or other interested party). She (in my case) wants to evaluate a couple of things (in graphical form):

1. How retirement will feel relative to lifestyle today. The only output chart that starts to address this is expenses, but that includes outflows like taxes (which jump around during decumulation for non-obvious reasons, like shifting from TD to Roth drawdowns). More useful, for her, would be a chart of discretionary spend.

2. Ability to withstand a shock .. e.g. an uninsured long-term care spell, or loss of an income source. I don't know the best format or analysis for this, but one possibility: A chart of maximum one-time "expense" that would still allow me to cover essential expenses for the remainder of lifetime. (This feels related to "how early can I retire" but addresses a different question.)