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Pralana for Unmarried Couples

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Is anyone else using Pralana for an unmarried couple? I run a married version and then two more separate versions as we keep our finances separately, and of course pay our taxes separately. I try to equal or beat the married version results. I can beat the married results thru tax savings having that many more accounts/tax returns to model/juggle that overcomes her missed option of taking over my SS income at death. The two primary reasons we remain unmarried is solving for the very real medical bankruptcy problem in this country, we don't want to take the other one down should something happen. And, two, not fixing something that ain't broke. If any one else is modeling this way, do you have any tips, findings, cautions, missed opportunities to share? Thanks

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I've had a few clients who are living together and this becomes a problem. Some want to be able to indicate they'll be married at a specific date in the future, some plan to stay unmarried. I'm going to add it to the wish list, so maybe you can go there and second that 🙂