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Slow Home Tab


Alana Melbin
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Opening the Home tab is really slow. The manual says the Monte Carlo results are recalculated automatically. Shouldn't it only recalculate if the Monte Carlo Results are selected? It seems to be recalculating even if Income Vs. Expense or Savings by Account is selected. Maybe it shouldn't even be recalculated if Monte Carlo Results is selected since it's expensive and there is a button to update the analysis manually.

Stuart Matthews
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I think this post relates to the Pralana Bronze calculator. It does the Monte Carlo analysis anytime you go to the Home page so that Monte Carlo results always reflect an analysis based on the most recent changes on the Income or Expenses pages. This is done regardless of which display is selected so that the data is ready to go anytime you select the Monte Carlo display. On the computer I use for development, the time required to do this analysis is less than one second so I hardly even notice a delay. What system configuration are you running and when you say opening the Home tab is "slow", about how long does it take?

Bill Hines, Retirement Planner
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Is your file stored on a cloud drive such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, etc?

Bill Hines
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