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Hi team. Recently my performance seems to have gone way down -- I moved to PRC 2.9, running on a Thinkpad X1 carbon, Core i7 8th gen, 16GB memory. had not had significant issues before, but now just changing tabs in prc takes 30sec-1 min, and an analysis takes 3-4 minutes minimum.

I've tried doing a shutdown, followed by a restart, and then bringing up ONLY PRC. Task mgr shows only PRC and Malwarebytes running (Norton is running in background too).

Any thoughts? It wasn't anywhere near this slow a month ago which was probably the last time I used PRC.

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Not sure this is your answer, but I was informed Norton is a MAJOR resource hog, so much so I abandoned it altogether a few years ago. Try it w/o Norton running. Also, I've found that running PRC with any other spreadsheet open slows things way down. I always run it by itself (Office 2019). You have a pretty top-notch computer so I doubt its a hardware/processor issue.

btw - I'm in Durham so let me know if you want to ever grab a coffee and share thoughts on how we're using PRC.

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I'm a former IT career guy and ethical hacker. Most of the security suites are bloatware. Native operating systems like Windows, ChromeOS, Android, and Apple OS have perfectly fine free security/malware features built in these days, if they're kept up to date. Most hacks happen because patches weren't applied, or someone clicked on a link in an email, loaded an app from somewhere sketchy, etc. VPNs usually aren't required and can really slow things down.

You might try starting up in "safe" mode since you don't need internet connectivity, etc for PRC. Check the list of services that auto-start with your computer's boot sequence, you might be shocked there at the number of them and the resources they hog. Check Windows task manager to see what programs/services are hogging resources. It could also be still initializing, task manager will show that too. Get to it with ctrl-alt-delete.