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Navigation Buttons Occasionally Disappear


Stuart Matthews
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I recently purchased a new iMac with the M1 architecture and downloaded the latest version of Office 365 (version 16.59 to be specific) to enable me to better address some flakey behavior being reported when running PRC on late-model Macs. Excel for Macs has always exhibited flakey behavior of one sort or another and I've done my best to understand and work around this as well as I could. But I've just discovered a new characteristic that I had not properly diagnosed before because I couldn't reproduce it on any of my systems. What I'm seeing with the latest version of PRC2022 Gold is that the navigation links occasionally disappear when navigating from one page to another. It's not consistent and can seemingly occur on any page, though not every time you go to that page. I've further discovered that the links are actually still there, but they're invisible! I've Googled this issue in search of some insight and, as usual, have come up with nothing. I've also not been able to figure out any software workaround for this like I sometimes can. BUT, it seems that the nav links magically reappear if you scroll down a bit and then back up! So, I'm adding this post to the Forum to try to get the word out on this, and I've also added a similar note to the "Required Reading Prior to Using PRC" in the actual PRC file.

Stuart Matthews