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Input and Output Reports failure


Richard David
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Brand new user and have had this issue appear repeatedly.

I have loaded in all of the necessary data, reviewed the tabular and graphic presentations on line and am hoping to print out final reports. I go to the reports tab and ask for it to create reports. The program asks me for a name and location to store the input and output reports and then it starts to prepare the documents.

I then get the following message:

Microsoft Visual Basis

Run time error '1404'

PasteSecial method of range class failed

My screen then shows an excel spreadsheet with about 150 rows with limited information. What am I doing wrong.

Running the latest updated version of Gold on a Windows 2019 machine.

Thanks in advance.

Stuart Matthews
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I don't know what the source of this problem might be and I'll need access to your file to investigate. I may ultimately need your whole file but we can start with an export file. Please send it to and I'll be happy to see if I can identify any issues. If not, we'll try something else.


Stuart Matthews