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First Year for IRMAA Limiting Factor


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Hi all,

I will start Medicare in August 2025, when I turn 65.

In Pralana Gold 3.0 "Plan ROTH Conversions", I have the IRMAA Limit set to 91000/182000 for all years.

With ROTH conversions, Pralana calculated the 2023 AGI as $366,068 with a Limiting Factor of "Tax Bracket".

I expected 2023 to have a Limiting Factor of "IRMAA". (2024 does however, have a "Limiting Factor of "IRMAA")

Isn't 2023 the first year that will be used for my two-year Medicare lookback?


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I experienced the same issue and have the same question.

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@tgeorge No, the 2-year look-back begins in the first year of the modeling period (i.e., 2022 for PRC2022). Your MAGI for the two years prior to the start of the modeling period can be manually entered on the Healthcare Expenses page.