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Expenses Plot


Alana Melbin
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I have expenses entered for one person with the same starting age and no ending age. All adjusted for inflation. But the expenses plot has a bump in the middle and a decline at the end. Shouldn't it be a flat line?

Stuart Matthews
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This is a highly complex tool and it's hard to answer this with only the information provided, but the bump in the middle could be due to taxes and the decline at the end could be because the tool only shows expenses through the user's life expectancy. So, if the birthdate was in the middle of the year the modeling period would end on the user's birthday in the final year and expenses in that year would be prorated.

Bill Hines, Retirement Planner
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Is the bump around age 72 when required minimum distributions kick in, and hence the taxes on them? Do you have any one-time expenses in the Expenses-Miscellaneous tab, like a new car, house move, home repairs, etc? Look at the tabular output to see what category the expenses go up in.

Bill Hines
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