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Rental Property Income?

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I have a client with several rental properties. They positive cash flow, but I don't see that under income. The manual seems to be saying it's factored into net expenses, but is this under tablular->expenses->net expenses for personal property? Doesn't seem to be factored in there, is it really mixed in with all the other property stuff (cars, primary homes, etc)? Any way to break this out and see it more easily? The client really wants to trust the income stream numbers to retire and want to see this rental income as part of those income streams.

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Hi Bill,
There's no way to show rental income separate from rental expenses. The tool merges all rental income/expenses/prior-year-losses/etc into one column called Net Expenses for Rental Property. You can find this in the spending section on the View Mgmt page and can then modify the views as desired to put this column into any view you desire.