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Automated investment in regular investment account


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I am new to PRC and am really enjoying using it.

One question: For a long time now, we have had a monthly automated investment of a substantial amount every month in an index mutual fund. We plan to keep this going until my wife retires (I am already retired). Where would I record this automated investment?

Stuart Matthews
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Hi Kleiner,

There's actually no way to model this explicitly and I'll refer you to this section of the User's Manual for an explanation: Modeling of Accounts and Cash Flow.

After reading that section, I think you'll understand that excess funds are automatically deposited into your Cash account and when its balance exceeds the specified ceiling level, the excess gets deposited into your regular taxable account. So, this will effectively model automated deposits to your taxable account. The way that money is invested is governed by the settings on the Financial Assets pages, specifically Asset Classes and Asset Allocations.


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As well, you can always tweak this to get it dialed in by using the mid-year adjustments, if the cash flow isn't doing it exactly right.

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