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Scenarios for different initial acct balances?

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Not sure if this forum is the best place for this -- (the forum might benefit from having a "Wish-for" topic where folks can suggest improvements and new features.)

I'd like to be able to model different scenarios for initial account balances, so that I can compare results with or without some accounts. Currently I have to save and open a copy, then alter it and have both iterations on-screen for comparisons. It works, but is there a way to have 1, 2, 3 scenarios in the initial account balances page?


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Good idea on the "Wish-for" topic; I'll probably add that as a new forum.

I decided long ago that there really wasn't a need to different starting balances per scenario. There's really no way to do this other than the way you're currently doing it with separate files.

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On the wish list topic, I really like the ones that allow users to 'vote' on them. It gives some feedback to the developers in terms of what folks want and prioritizing things.