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Jim Boyd
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My question: is someone able to point me to the section in the manual where the RMD amount is calculated, and entered as an annual income source in the tables? Have searched, and am unable to find the information anywhere except the "Substantially Equal Periodic Payments" area on the Financial Assets/Management page. And, still do not see how to actually trigger the appropriate calcs/entries.


Stuart Matthews
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RMD's are calculated automatically and don't depend on any user inputs. Although the IRS considers them as taxable income, PRC does not. Rather, they're a redistribution of money that's already in your portfolio, albeit a taxable event. Therefore, RMD's are not included in the Total Income nor the Cash Flow columns of PRC's tabular projections but they are taken into account prior to making any account withdrawals to deal with negative cash flows. You can find RMD amounts in the "RMD/Other Scheduled W/D's" columns of PRC's tabular projections.