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Missing "Growth of HSA" metric?


David Justice
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I see “Growth of ...” metrics under Tabular Projections>View Management>Account Growth for every account type except “Health Savings Accounts”. I do see its “Health Savings Accounts” mate, however, under Tabular Projections>View Management>Account Balances.

I was wondering if this Growth metric simply wasn’t available in PRC or if I’ve misconfigured something to preclude its visibility. I note three “Reserved” columns in my View Management "Account Growth" section and was curious if one of these might have been intended for HSA had I not done something wrong (not sure what "Reserved" indicates). I also wanted to confirm that I do have "Real ROR" and "Standard Deviation" values specified in the Health Savings Account section on the Financial Assets>Asset Classes page.

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. I did make a good-faith attempt at searching the manual and the forum but couldn’t find any reference to this (missing?) value.

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Stuart Matthews
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You haven't done anything wrong. The three "Reserved" columns are for spouse accounts and are shown as "reserved" if your marital status is single. The HSA growth column isn't available in PRC2021. This is an oversight and I'm making a note to include it in the 2022 model but doubt if I'll change it in 2021 (making changes in this area is very touchy and not worth the risk of an error that affects lots of users).