PRC2015/Silver is specially made for the person who desires to go beyond a quick-and-dirty financial analysis but prefers a simple, easy-to-use, low cost design.  It has only four pages with web-like page navigation:

PRC2015/Silver does an exceedingly good job of handling the basic things a high-fidelity retirement calculator should do, but it also allows you to define upper and lower limits on your inflation and rate of return assumptions, and then uses these to project a range of outcomesIt then creates a graphical output wherein the best and worst case projections are presented alongside the projection created using nominal valuesThis is a simple but effective alternative to the much more complex Monte Carlo and historical analysis approaches.  With the graphical outputs on the same page with all of your assumptions, you can make what-if changes and immediately see the effects on long-term projections.  Like PRC/Gold, it also supports three separate scenarios (independent sets of assumptions, income and expenses and the associated projections).

PRC2015/Bronze (the 2015 version is still the latest); please note that the 2015 model will cease to operate on 1/1/2018 but will be replaced with a new, compatible model in the near future and it will import the data from the 2015 model)

PRC2015/Bronze is identical to PRC2015/Silver except that it lacks support for multiple scenarios and the ability to project a range of outcomes based on upper and lower limits of inflation and rates of return assumptions. If you start with Bronze and later wish to upgrade to Silver, it’s a simple matter to import your Bronze data into Silver.

PRC2015/Silver (the 2015 version is still the latest)

prc silver

Pralana Silver and Bronze Overviews

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