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PRC2018/Gold is arguably the most advanced retirement calculator and personal financial model available at any price.  It is clearly more challenging to use than a free on-line calculator, but its user interface is straight-forward and it is supported by a thorough and well-written user manual containing numerous examples.  This page summarizes its capabilities and presents abbreviated views of most PRC2018/Gold screens.  Just click the links to see the screenshots and use your browser’s “back” button to return to this page. 

  • Offers an optional “let’s get started” data input screen that makes the power of PRC very accessible for first-time users
  • Facilitates high-fidelity data input for each of three independent scenarios
    • Allows specification of key assumptions, including general inflation rate, life expectancies, future tax increases and Social Security benefit reductions
    • Allows for precise definition of lifetime income for two married partners, including employment income, pensions, Social Security benefits, taxable and non-taxable windfalls, miscellaneous other income, annuities and inherited IRA’s, from which it produces detailed income projections
    • Allows detailed definition of current and future expenses, including healthcare, real property (such as your residence), rental property,  raising and educating your children, and other expenses,  from which it produces detailed expense projections
    • Bases account growth on the definition and characterization of up to 10 asset classes with separate taxation characteristics and up to five time-oriented allocations for regular, tax-deferred and Roth accounts
  • Models cash, regular savings, tax-deferred savings and Roth savings with full user control over withdrawal priorities, and calculates Required Minimum Distributions
  • Calculates detailed Federal income taxes using deductible expenses, exemptions, filing status and inflation-indexed tax tables; calculates detailed FICA tax expenses based on earned and unearned income; calculates detailed state income taxes using state tax tables, standard deduction and other major deductions
  • Integrates and analyzes your inputs using fixed rate projections, Monte Carlo simulations and historic data simulations, and then presents its outputs in a variety of ways to ensure that you get the most value from the data
  • Calculates the optimum Social Security benefit start ages for both partners
  • Performs consumption smoothing to maximize your standard of living using fixed rate, Monte Carlo or historical analysis methods
  • Models survivor scenarios and offers recommendations on life insurance to maintain a surviving spouse’s living standard
  • Allows you to model Roth conversions using duration-based or tax-optimized methods
  • Allows you to interactively explore the sensitivity of your plan to changes in key variables such as life expectancy, inflation, rates of return, long term care expenses and Social Security start ages
  • Generates PDF reports
  • Accuracy improvements over prior models due to detailed state tax calculations, Medicare premium calculation and handling of RMD’s for partners whose ages differ by more than 10 years


  • PR1017/Gold licensees can upgrade to PRC2018 for $49 after logging in on the PRC2017 User Support page.
  • PRC2018/Gold can be purchased by non-PRC2017 licensees for $99.


  • A detailed user manual is available for free download on the User Support page.
  • Same-day support via e-mail is included in the purchase price and PRC’s Export capability makes it possible for you to easily share data with Pralana Consulting
  • PRC2018 license entitles owners to download a copy to two computers (for example, your desktop and your laptop), to all PRC2018  updates,  and the opportunity to upgrade to PRC2019 at a fraction of the cost of a new purchase.


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