PRC2016/Gold is now available and represents a significant advance over PRC2015/Gold!  Immediately below are screenshots of three of the screens that we’re particularly excited about, but there’s much more that’s highlighted further down the page.

Improved: Side-by-side presentation of fixed rate, Monte Carlo and historical analysis results of each of your scenarios:


NEW: Side-by-side presentation of the analysis of variable withdrawal strategies:


NEW: Exploration of the sensitivity of your plan to changes in key parameters:


The change log accessible from the User Support page of this website identifies all of the changes made since PRC2015, but here’s a summary of  PRC2016’s capabilities:

Web-like navigation between functionally-coherent pages (Excel’s sheet tabs are hidden)

Complete user control over basic assumptions, such as life expectancy for both partners, general and healthcare inflation, tax increases and  Social Security benefit decreases

High fidelity income stream definition

  • 3 streams of employment income for each partner, each of which includes personal and company contributions to retirement accounts, Roth accounts and defined-benefit pensions
  • 2 streams of pension income for each partner, each of which can include a non-taxable income component along with rollovers to traditional and Roth IRAs, and all COLA and survivor options
  • Social Security benefits for each partner with automatic adjustment of benefits based on the specified starting age; implements new laws relating to File & Suspend
  • 5 other income streams with COLA, survivor options and user-specified tax treatment to support the modeling of annuities, trusts and rental income as well as alimony and child support
  • NEW: Annuity income from a 401K rollover

High fidelity expense stream definition

  • Up to 10 separate personal properties along with all associated acquisition, ownership and sales expenses
  • NEW: Up to 10 separate rental properties along with all associated acquisition, ownership and sales expenses, rental income and depreciation
  • College education costs for up to four children, with the ability to model pay-as-you-go, student loans and 529 plans
  • Changing Healthcare and Long Term Care expenses, with proper tax treatment
  • Discretionary expenses, including one-time expenses

ENHANCED: Four categories of savings (cash, regular, tax-deferred an Roth) with user-controlled prioritization of withdrawals between the latter three categories and a user-specified floor on cash savings

MUCH IMPROVED: Rollovers from tax-deferred accounts to Roth accounts

Detailed tax calculations performed using 2016 tax tables, with modeling of capital gains taxes on taxable savings accounts and the sale of property

Scenario analysis performed with three different methods to establish a range of likely long term outcomes (fixed rate, Monte Carlo simulation and historical simulation)

NEW: Scenario analysis using variable withdrawal strategies, including fixed percentage spending, fixed percentage spending with a specified floor and ceiling, Guyton-Klinger rules, constant spending and target percentage adjustment

NEW: Interactive exploration of the sensitivity of your plan to changes in key parameters

ENHANCED: Consumption smoothing, now optionally using Monte Carlo and historical analysis methods in addition to fixed rate analysis

Personal (new) and investment loan modeling

Two customizable tabular projection pages and one custom graphical projection page (new)

Imports data from PRC2015 and PRC2016, and supports data-sharing between multiple licensed copies


PR1015/Gold licensees can upgrade to PRC2016 for $29 after logging in on the PRC2015 User Support page.

PRC2016/Gold can be purchased by non-PRC2015 licensees for $99.


A detailed user manual is available for free download on the User Support page.

Same-day support via e-mail is included in the purchase price and PRC’s Export capability makes it possible for you to easily share data with Pralana Consulting

PRC2016 license entitles owners to download a copy to two computers (for example, your desktop and your laptop), to all product updates made available in 2016 and the opportunity to upgrade to PRC2017 at a fraction of the cost of a new purchase.


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Introducing PRC2016