Pralana Consulting uses a third party service (Digital Product Delivery provided by Portal Labs LLC) to handle all money transactions and the download of all Pralana files.  This frees us from the complex issues associated with those things to enable us to focus on the development and support of our retirement calculators.  The downside of this, though, is that we’re bound by the processes and policies of the DPD service.  It does work well almost all of the time, but it can be a little cumbersome and possibly confusing.  We can’t do anything about the cumbersome nature of the service but this page is an attempt to help avoid any confusion about the process.

So, here’s how the entire purchase and download process goes:

1. You click the BUY NOW button and get taken to a screen that looks like this:downloads.101.2

2. You click the Checkout button and get taken here: downloads.101.3

3. After filling in your name and email address, you click Next and go here: downloads.101.4

4. It says Checkout With PayPal but you can actually use your credit card with no need for a PayPal account.  So, you click Submit Order and end up here:

downloads.101.5  See the box near the bottom that says “Pay with Credit Card or Visa Debit”?  You can click that and not use PayPal.

This example does it that way and we end up here: downloads.101.6

5. We’ll skip the details, naturally, but when the information is entered we end up here: downloads.101.7

There are three things to note on this page: PRC2017 is the product that has been ordered, PRC2017.0.4.xlsm (7.7MB) is the filename and filesize, and the blue Download button. 

6. Click the Download button to do the obvious, and here’s what happens:


You get sent to Pralana’s User Support page, where it may appear that you’re being asked to log in; however, that’s not the case.  This is just the next logical place to go on the website because from here you can get a copy of the User Manual for the product you just ordered.  You won’t be able to login for a while because manual steps must be taken to get you in the database.

See that tiny little box hiding in the lower left corner of the screen (on Windows machines)?  Notice that it contains the Excel logo as well as the filename that appeared in one of the previous screens.  This is what you need to focus on to complete the download.  As the download is proceeding, you can observe how much data has been transferred and an estimate on how much time is remaining until the download is complete. (Note: Macs show a moving image of some sort within the Downloads folder instead of the box).

7. When the numbers disappear, the download is done and the file is probably saved in your download folder..  Now you just need to click that box to open the file.


The process will be similar when you login under the User Support page to get free updates; however, there are some minor differences.

The first three pages are the same, but after you click Submit Order on the third page, you get something like this: downloads.101.9 

Basically, it’s telling you to expect an email at the address you specified in a previous step, and that email will contain download instructions. If you click the blue “here” link you’ll be taken back to Pralana’s User Support page, but that’s of no consequence to the download you’re wanting.  So, go check your email.

8. When that email arrives, here’s what it will contain: downloads.101.10

9. Click the Go to Download Page and here’s where you go, the same screen we saw during the initial purchase as shown above: downloads.101.6

10. So, just click the Download button and again we get taken to Pralana’s User Support page but, more importantly, you’ll see that little box in the lower left corner of the screen again that shows the download (Macs show a moving image of some sort within the Downloads folder).

11. When the numbers disappear from the box (or the Mac’s download folder shows the download to be complete), just click the box to bring up the new file.



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